The journey to 30 million hits begins with a single step

No, I don’t really harbor any delusions about writing a blog about the intersection of running and the law that gets 30 million hits.  I’ve been a lawyer for just over six years now and I’ve been a runner since high school (with a hiatus from law school until about two years ago).  Even if I picked a topic that was of much greater general interest, I don’t think that I’d ever generate that sort of traffic.  I like to read about politics and I’ve gotten into a large (perhaps embarrassing) number of political discussions on that topic on various forms of social media.  The internet is so glutted with political commentary (so much of it as good or better than anything I could write) that to jump into that arena just doesn’t seem fruitful and it certainly isn’t likely to generate that kind of internet traffic unless this were to become more than a hobby.

The title of this blog post is inspired by a post written by Matt Walsh.  A former radio host, I’ve noticed his blog posts popping up for the better part of a year now.  About a month ago, he wrote a post answering one of the most common questions that he gets from people who read his blog: “I have/am starting a blog. Can you give me any advice?” His advice was simple: (1) focus on content and (2) plan on being successful.

To me, that seemed simple enough and it gave me some inspiration to try blogging again (I even flirted with the idea of calling this the “Not Matt Walsh Blog” in homage).  My previous attempts at blogging are out there somewhere (three of them that I can remember), but I lost interest or got too busy for each of those at one point or another.  Perhaps this endeavor will be different.

Upon abandoning the idea of creating yet another political blog in the existing ocean of political blogs, I almost gave up on the idea of starting another blog altogether.  As I pointed out above, I always seem to have something to say about politics, but I’m not sure that I always have something unique to say or that I can write about it in a way that will attract the attention of anyone with whom I don’t share genes or some sort of existing, personal relationship.  Then, as I was reading a story posted on Runner’s World, the idea for this blog hit me.  That story will be the subject of the next post which I hope to write over the next several days.

I don’t know that there are any other people writing about the intersection of the legal world and the world of running and I don’t know whether posts on that topic will be of interest to very many people.  It is, however, a topic that interests me and because it interests me, I’m going to write about it.  Along the way I’m sure I’ll also touch on politics (the law is pretty closely connected with politics, after all) and more general running topics, but the main theme I’ll focus on will be running down how my profession and my hobby rub up against one another.  At the very least, I should be able to learn something myself and that’s a reward enough in itself.


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