Dane Rauschenberg on NPS’s DVNP Safety Assessment and Badwater

Dane Rauschenberg definitely can lay claim to a more accomplished running career than I can.  The blurb from his first book gives you an idea:

While working a full-time job in the greater Washington D.C. area, Dane ran 52 consecutive weekly marathons, starting with the first weekend in January and going until December 31st. In addition, he also raised over $44,000 for the Mobile, Alabama chapter of L’Arche, an organization which benefits the developmentally disabled, and did all of this out of his own pocket with no corporate sponsors.

By the publishing of his second book he had already run 100 marathons. I say all of that simply to say that as between the two of us, he is probably the one who is far more likely to have ever actually lined up to attempt the Badwater 135.

As you can probably imagine, Dane is not particularly happy about the affect the safety assessment will have on Badwater.  An excerpt:

Ignoring that they don’t know that “ultramarathon” is not hyphenated is the utter ludicrous notion that some visitors have asked why some people can do something and they cannot. Because that is how permitting, genetics, the law, power, prestige and about 8 billion other things work in the world we live in. Some people can do some things as and others cannot. If that fact isn’t enough of an explanation how about the fact the average visitor is an overweight person who had no idea what it takes with regards to years of highly regimented training specifically designed to get them through the hot dry blast furnace that is Death Valley in July?  Plus, why does the DVNP all of a sudden care about the well-being of runners? The race has been run, with a large amount of publicity, for decades. It hasn’t been a secret. This paragraph in and of itself is so insipid it is hard for me to go on. But I will try.

Go here to read the rest.


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