I’m a lawyer and a runner exploring how my profession and my hobby sometimes intersect.  The initial inspiration for this blog was the intersection of running and the law (hence the name), but I’ll also write about those topics separately.  As a lawyer, I’m an advocate for writing in plain English, but you might want to keep a copy of Black’s Law Dictionary handy just in case I have a momentary lapse.

I started running in high school on the track and cross country teams.  I was only ever a middle of the pack competitor, but I always enjoyed myself.  During college and law school I ran very little; with a job and intramural sports in college and, well, law school during law school, running was one of the activities that took a hit.  After law school I tried to get back into running once or twice, but it didn’t really stick until from some friends from work convinced me to train for a local half marathon.  I had never run that far in a race (and only once ever), but I decided to give it a shot.  I struggled my way to a slow, hot, sweaty, exhausted finish, but I was hooked.  I ran another half marathon the following spring (blowing my previous time out of the water) and competed in my first full marathon the next fall.  In April 2014 I competed in my first ultramarathon, the Virginia 24 Hour Run for Cancer in Hampton, Virginia, completing 60 miles in a little over 14 hours.

DISCLAIMER:  I’m a lawyer, but I’m not your lawyer nor do I wish to become your lawyer. I am licensed to practice law only in Virginia. I’ll write about general legal topics on this blog, but no one should take anything here as specific legal advice. Also nothing here is intended as a solicitation of business. In addition, the views expressed here are mine. To the extent that any readers happen to know who my employer is, my employers have nothing to do with any of the content of this blog.

If all of that seems like common sense to you, then good. Unfortunately, common sense isn’t so common any more, is it? I wouldn’t trust some random person on the internet to tell me how to organize my office bookshelf, so you definitely shouldn’t rely on some random internet guy for legal advice. If you want a lawyer, you need to go look for one where you live.


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